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​​​It's that time of year, Christmas is over, and we’ve stashed our new goodies in their proper spots and are anxiously waiting spring to try them out.
It's also time to reflect on last season, was it good or bad?
  • Why did we have a successful year on the water and our buddies didn't?  
  • Was it because the drag was too tight and the fish were horsed in?
  • Was the line weak?
  • Did we set up our spread right or just throw stuff out and hope?
The most successful boats take time to ensure everything is right, no detail too small, the right bait, the right terminal tackle, the right speed and the right attitude.
Now is the time to go over everything, check our equipment and make a plan so when we hit the water we're ready.
Looking back in my logbook I recall the following fishing trip.
On July 18, 2015 Lake Erie looked fishable so we set off in The Naked Lady, a 30 ft. Cruiser Inc. boat that we use for everything.
My wife, Linda and I set a course off the point at Erieau, Ontario on northern Lake Erie a great sport fishing harbor.
We had the following small spread; due to the fact in Canada we are allowed only two rods per person.
  • The dipsey's were set at 135 ft. and 145 ft. on a 3 setting.
  • The riggers at 50 ft. and 55 ft. with a stretch of 75 ft. and 90 ft.
  • We ran Flintstones, Kevorkian 55, Bloody Zipper, Jello Shot and Green Jackal.
  • These lures never cease to amaze me!!
The dipseys were hooking into some nice walleye and the riggers were tagging the steelies, with constant action thru the day. We caught two species of fish with no fancy spread or lure changes required.
Just set your lures in the zone adjust your speed and enjoy.
This Article by CaptainTerry Armstrong of Tean Relentless
Being a Great Lakes Charter Captain, my main job is to put fish in the boat for our customers.
I have used every spoon on the market. 
In 2009, I purchased a spoon called the “Bounty Hunter” by Flintstones…..in a clearance bin.  To our surprise, that spoon proved itself quickly and made it to the top of our “go-to” list of lures that had to be in the water at all times. 
This spoon was the start of my love for Flintstone Lures.  They advertise their finish to be one of the best on the market…..I will argue that they are THE BEST quality spoon you can buy for Great Lakes fishing.  The paint sticks, doesn’t crack or peel and the glow finish holds a charge very well.  Best of all they catch fish and they last.
Today, three of my top five spoons are Flintstones which include the Red Coyote, Bloody Zipper and the Bounty Hunter. 
In 2015, we had the opportunity to field test some of the new Chameleon U.V.  Spoons. The many new colors the folks at Flintstones came up with were dynamite. 
This company is progressive, continually coming to market with new colors and they listen to what fisherman want. 
I am proud to be on their Pro Staff and look forward to what they can surprise us with next!
Captain Adam Reister
Addem' UP Sportfishing Charters
Manistee, Michigan       

This Article by Captain Gary Kalita & First Mate Linda Kalita of  The Naked lady
July through September was not great, but we did better than we were thinking we might do.  In the Muskegon Lumber Town Challenge we were able to put good catches together both days. There were only a few boats to have their limit of fish to weigh in both days (we were one of them}.
If we had not had an issue on day one with the weigh in procedure we would have finished in the top 10. It was a painful lesson, but one that will not happen again.   
The hottest set-up all weekend was a Jawbuster double rig.  Whats a double rig……….? Well somethings are just a secert, but ask Ray he knows. Other Spoons that  produced many fish were Jawbreaker, Miggy ( A spoon I made at Ray’s Shop ), Bunda Bread and Mirror Mirror.
As the season was wrapping up the spoon bite started to fade.  We however kept doing good on my go to baits, Green Hornet, Penguin, Gold Blue Dolphin, Jawbreaker and Blue Raptor
Good luck to all in 2016, may your lines be tight and your coolers full
Team Relentless
  • Here is a quick recipe we used on the fish we caught.
Save a nice piece of back strap of your walleye, cut into scallop sized pieces, sprinkle a little garlic powder and season salt on, wrap in 1/2 piece of precooked bacon, throw on a hot grill for 2-3 mins, squeeze lemon juice on when they come off the grill.
Goes great with a cold beer or glass of wine, watch out for fishing buddies.

Captain Gary Kalita 
The Naked Lady Fishing Team.
This Article by Captain Steve Hubert​ of
CHUMBUCKET  Sportfishing Charters
The 2015 season was absolutely incredible for CHUM BUCKET Sportfishing Charters. We landed an average of 16 fish every trip throughout the entire year. At least 95% of the spoon bite fish caught was on Flintstone lures. The endless colors and size selection make this brand a yearlong choice for the clear waters of Lake Huron. We landed Walleyes, Atlantics, Kings, Coho, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Catfish, and even some Whitefish on these awesome spoons.
Many of our Salmon and Trout trips were in between 20-30 fish landed.  There were days when our clients were complaining of sore arms from reeling in so many giant fish. I know it was because of the Flintstone spoons that there were so many smiling faces this past season.
I am always trying to improve my catches every time I am on the water. Before Ray has something special that he wants to packages and sell, he has me try them to see how they produce. Some of the hot colors this year were Clown, Lemon-Lime, Boy-Girl, PMK, Mashed Banana, Yellowtail, Silver Trout, Mixed Vegetable, and NBK.
Early year to mid-summer I run a mixture of Big Daddy Standard and Slammer sized spoons to simulate the abundant smelt population that is becoming a large portion of their forage throughout the year.
Many walleyes have made the mistake of gobbling up the Slammer spoons. At times that’s all the fish want is the slimmer profile of these deadly fish catchers.
I have won many tournaments in the past on these spoons and they are still in my arsenal whacking fish daily. If you don’t run some Slammers you are missing out on the best fish catching spoon on many summer days. You need to try them, you won’t be disappointed.
Not only are these spoons fish magnets, they are very durable. I have several hot spoons that have landed over 50 fish with very little wear on the paint. Teeth marks have them shredded and scratched up like crazy but the paint remains intact.
Their glow paint is unbeatable for durability and glow time. Testing them side by side with countless other spoons my choice is clear….. Flintstones!!! 

Captain Steve Hubert
CHUMBUCKET Sportfishing Charters

Why our  FLINTSTONE LURES  are better !!

When the fishing really slowed down, we took the boat over to Saginaw Bay to try for some Walleye.  Ray met us and dropped off a few Little Guy Harnesses  and  Little Guy Spoons for us to get wet.  Since we are salmon guys the Walleye thing could have been a little tough to get, but we found a few.  We pulled the little guys on lead core in lengths of 2, 4 and 5 colors with 5 producing the most fish. The Confusion and Candy Apple were the best Spoons.
As we start getting ready for the 2016 fishing season we are looking back at the 2015 year.
In 2015 we were lucky enough to get started with a great event called “The Armed Forces Salmon Assault” out of Muskegon.
As mentioned in a previous article we were fortunate enough to win the At Large Division with the help of the four veterans that were aboard our boat. It was a great way to start the season seeing the smiling faces on the veterans.                     
As June came around the fishing was spotty at best on the west side of the state.  We managed to keep putting good numbers in the box using some of the old reliable Flintstone Spoons like Screwball, Kevorkian, Jawbuster and Jawbreaker along with the new Chameleon line. Some of the Spoons in the Chameleon line were Jollie Rancher, Mirror Mirror, Irresistible Dolphin, etc.
The key to boating fish was once you found a pocket you stayed close. Our best results were with short copper leads.  
This Article by Captain Adam Reister
of the Charter Boat  Addem' Up Charters
FLINTSTONE LURES are of the highest quality most productive fishing lures on the market today!!