​​​ Little Guy Extended Glow
 Size: 2-1/4 long x 9/16 wide
Weight w/ hooks: 0.15 oz

​Our Little Guy Extended Glow Spoons have the same added benefit of the superior long lasting subtle glow of our Magnum, Standard and Slammer Spoons. We believe our Extended Glow Spoons are among the best fish catching on the market. The long lasting subtle glow tends to entice more fish to attack the Spoons.
In low light conditions such as overcast days, early morning, tainted or weedy water and late evening right into dark our Extended Glow Little Guy Spoons are second to none in fish strikes.

They have the same seasonal results as the Little Guy with the added benefit of our color changing Chameleon properties.
Our Chameleon Spoons are covered with transparent color changing tape. When viewed from different directions they will change colors and give off an iridescent rainbow effect, hence the name Chameleon.
Many of them also have Fluorescence paint or tape.
Fluorescent paint in Sunlight tends to be reflected and perceived as normal bright colors. Fluorescent paint will also absorb the Ultra-Violet light energy found in Sunlight producing a glow. This glow is most visible in low light conditions, such as overcast days, deep and dark water. This feature is commonly referred to as UV glow. When the Spoons are trolled they produce many different color combinations in the water producing many a strike.

All three types, Little Guy, Extended Glow Little Guy and Chameleon  Little Guy are great for catching all species of fish, including Walleye, Trout and Salmon. 


​​Little Guy
Size: 2-1/4 long x 9/16 wide
Weight w/ hooks: 0.15 oz

Little Guy Spoons are the smallest and lightest of our Spoon collection which allows for a very slow troll. The slower trolling speed provides greater action which makes them outstanding for Walleye fishing.
Because of being smaller which duplicates the size of early season prey and trolled very slow, they can produce many strikes of Salmon and Trout when the fish are not as aggressive.


Chameleon Little Guy

 Size 2-1/4 long x 9/16 wide

 Weight w/hooks: 0.15 oz

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